Keep Your Good Reputation Online

Douglas Karr‘s article at  gives you great tips on how to keep you, your business, and your product respectable on the web. He gives a statistic that 61% of businesses monitor their online reputation on a regular basis.

article author

Douglas Karr

In the article he lays out six (6) steps to follow in ensuring your good name.

        1. Identify your reputations.
        2. Quantify your audience.
        3. Understand your goals.
        4. Specify your needs.
        5. How will you monitor?
        6. Who will monitor the conversations?
  •     With step one, he means that businesses should monitor their company name, CEO’s name, and their product name. And for an individual, they need to monitor their name, and any variations of their name.
  •     For step two, he explains that you need to know who has a stake in your online reputation, i.e. customers, investors, bloggers, employees, and especially your competitors.
  •     Step three, understanding your goals, is a very important step. If you don’t have any goals, there’s nowhere for your business to go. You won’t be successful and your business will flop. Keeping up with your goals is also important. Make sure to keep updated constantly with your online reviews and reputation. Karr gives two more really good statistics at this point, and they are
    1. 47% of all social media users actively seek customer service through social media, and
    2. 46% of internet users use social media to vent frustration about your company
online rage meme

online rage meme

  •     Step four is also just as important because you have to be aware of what your company needs to do to move forward and become successful. Be specific in addressing what your needs are. Vague needs are almost impossible to accomplish, leaving your business stuck in the mud.
  •     Now steps five and six are really intertwined with one another. You need to establish how you will monitor your business’ progress, popularity, and success. Whether it be by manual monitoring, by using free tools (i.e. google alerts & Social Mention), or paid tools, like Trackur. You also need to establish who will monitor the conversations. Karr says that your best choice for this position is a community manager. Interns, PR Firms, and CEO’s would not be very good choices, but a community manager would be “focused on the satisfaction of your customers & is dedicated to the task of monitoring your reputation.”

He ends with the statement, “How will you react?”
You need to listen to your customers, and take any feedback into consideration. Make sure you understand what’s actually being said, and what changes need to be made. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses, as well. Clarify with your customers and associates that you know what the problems are and know what needs to be done to fix them. Accomplish your changes quickly and correctly and be sure to pay attention to any and all feedback you get, ensuring future success of your business.×5468.png


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